A podcast about the soldiers and service members who are buried or honored at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia


Arlington National Cemetery is an amazing place. Thousands of white tombstones caress the green rolling hills. While most people only visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the JFK gravesite, all the other graves are also hiding stories of spectacular lives, great bravery and tragedy. This podcast’s purpose is to shine a light on some of these amazing stories. In the first season we will talk about the heroes of World War II that are buried at Arlington. Here are the first 3 episodes. More episodes can be found if you subscribe to the podcast. If you do then please give us a good review.

NEW EPISODE OUT NOW: The five-star General George C. Marshall coordinated Allied Operations in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. After the war he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his ambitious plan to rebuild the war-torn countries of Western Europe.

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Harry and Claus

The podcast is brought to you by Harry Phillips and Claus Cancel. Harry is a long time tour guide at DC History and Culture Meetup and Claus is a Danish journalist living in DC. We share a passion for history.

This is a privately owned and maintained website and podcast. As such it has no affiliation with Arlington National Cemetery, the U.S. Government or the U.S. Army.


Episode one

Audie L. Murphy is one of the most decorated American soldiers of World War II. He served in the 3rd Infantry Division and fought in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. He received the Medal of Honor for singlehandedly fighting back six German Tiger tanks. His story is here. Audie L. Murphy is buried in Section 46.

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Episode two

The African American boxer Joe Louis reigned as the world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949. This is the story of the two matches he fought against the German boxer Max Schmeling in the years leading up to World War II. Joe Louis is buried in Section 7A.


Episode Three

During World War II, John F. Kennedy served in the Pacific commanding a patrol torpedo boat - PT109. One moonless night his boat was rammed by a Japanese Destroyer and sunk. This is the story of how John F. Kennedy used his leadership and swimming skills to save most of his crew. His grave is located in Section 1.

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